About Tina


I fell in love with coaching people over 20 years ago and have followed that passion since then, helping people achieve happiness in their lives. I am a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner and transformational life coach; covering a wide range of skills from emotional freedom technique (EFT), work-life balance, phobia solutions, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, health and wellbeing. I also offer mental toughness development using AQR Mental Toughness Questionnaire as a measure of that development. As a qualified Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) tutor for many years, I help my clients to follow their academic dreams, supporting them through what can be a stressful and challenging period of their life. I have a secret superpower - detecting aromas! Aromatherapy use in coaching and mindfulness is the latest addition to my skills. I am also studying for a qualification in Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which will enable me to counsel as well. I have suffered chronic pain for many years and have put together a programme designed to help clients who want to help themselves manage their pain, whether it is physical or mental pain, come and join us, watch out for the free introduction courses and the subsequent programmes.


About Ray


I am a qualified life coach, anger and conflict management specialist. As someone who has struggled with my mental health most of my life I help my clients overcome the pain and difficulty of hiding how you really feel. I am a qualified mental health first aider and have trained in suicide prevention. Sports psychology is a passion of mine I help our clients achieve their sporting dreams whatever their level. I am a national panel cricket umpire, rugby coach and retired rugby official. I umpire mostly in the south of the UK participating in some great games of cricket. Look out for our ‘Mental Toughness programmes’ and ‘Resilience for Cricket Officials’ free webinars.